Doug Jacobson Interviewed

In the interview, Doug speaks about his upbringing in eSports, the origin and future of the WinOut organization and the motives behind the removal of the Counter-Strike 1.6 team.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

In a GotFrag forum thread, Quas responded to the WinOut post by claiming the players were offered nothing and leveled allegations that WinOut was merely out to take advantage of them.  How do you respond to those allegations?

"...Here’s the funniest part about Quas’ statements regarding the contracts. None of them have ever even seen the actual contracts, including Quas. How would you like things changed or modified if you have not read them? The team was not remotely interested in even viewing them if they did not include a minimum $300 monthly player salary, with incentives leading up to $1000 monthly salaries. Prior to ETS 2009, it was clearly stated that WinOut would only be required to provide hotel and entry fees."

- Doug Jacobson

Read the entire interview at

User Comments
4.15.09 06:54pm
doug's a bo$$ =]
4.16.09 01:48am
Makes me sick how immature people are
4.16.09 05:27am
Makes you sick? Makes me laugh.
4.30.11 04:02pm
7.22.12 12:35am
sad :[
5.20.13 11:33pm
thats bad :\
1.10.14 06:04am
sadness really :S
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